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WATCH: A New Fuel Economy Label For A New Generation Of Cars

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Lisa P Jackson, Administrator, US EPA

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Transcript: Today, the Obama Administration is unveiling new fuel economy labels that will provide car buyers with more comprehensive fuel efficiency information, including estimates of what their fuel costs or savings will be.

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Transcript: These new fuel economy labels, which consumers could start seeing later this year, will tell drivers how much money they will save on fuel costs compared to an average vehicle and rate vehicles based on fuel economy and pollution. For example, if you are thinking of purchasing a hybrid or an electric vehicle the label will tell you how much money and fuel costs you are likely to save over the long run.

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Transcript: And for the first time ever, these labels will feature a QR Code which car shoppers can into their smartphones. This allows them to store the information, compare a vehicle to others, and customize the information to their own driving habits.

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Transcript: Today's a good day for consumers and the environment. These new tools will empower car buyers to make the best decision for their families, their wallets and the air we breathe.

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Note - each video clip below features EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson speaking. The video clips below are not captioned but the transcript provides the content.

Video Clip 1:

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Transcript: Today, the Obama Administration is rolling out new fuel economy labels for a new generation of cars. These labels will give consumers comprehensive fuel economy information for a wide variety of cars. It will give fuel costs and fuel savings for all kinds of cars including hybrids, and electric vehicles.

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Transcript: Well the labels will be required on model year 2013 vehicles, but consumers could start to see them this year if car makes choose to roll them out on this year’s vehicles, and we certainly encourage them to do so.

Video Clip 3:

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Transcript: The new labels include a QR Code® in the lower right hand portion of the label. That QR Code®  allows smartphone users to compare fuel efficiency and tailpipe pollution ratings across all cars and if you don’t own a smartphone then you can go to fueleconomy dot gov and get the very same information.

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Transcript: For the first time ever, these labels will give consumers estimates of fuels costs and fuel savings compared to the average vehicle. In addition, there’s a 10-point rating scale that allows consumers to easily compare vehicles with respect to fuel economy and pollution. And finally, there’s the QR Code, the little code in the lower right hand portion of the label that allows a smartphone user to very quickly access information to compare vehicles about fuel economy.