Speaker: Lisa P. Jackson
EPA Administrator

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Transcript: Today’s announcement confirms what EPA has said before: EPA will focus its efforts to reduce greenhouse gases on the largest industrial emitters, not small businesses and family farms.
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Transcript: EPA’s approach gives businesses the time they need to innovate, governments the time to prepare to cut greenhouse gases and it ensures that we don't push this problem off to our children and grandchildren.
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Transcript: EPA is committed to a sensible, workable approach to address climate change and move America into the 21st century green economy.
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Transcript: Today’s announcement requires ships to use dramatically cleaner fuel and technology near America’s shore – meaning people on the coasts and hundreds of miles inland will breathe cleaner air.
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Transcript: This rule will slash levels of several harmful pollutants in the air from California to Kansas to Florida – and virtually everywhere else in our country.
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Transcript: Establishing this emission control area will save 14,000 lives each year and protect millions more from acute respiratory diseases
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