Speaker: Lisa P. Jackson
EPA Administrator

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Transcript: Cleaner car standards will mean 950,000,000 tons of carbon pollution cut from our skies. They will mean as much as $3,000 dollars in savings for drivers of 2016 model clean cars. And they will mean $2.3 billion dollars that can stay at home in our economy rather than buying oil from overseas.
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Transcript: And it's a victory for drivers, who by 2016 will get 35 miles to the gallon. They will spend less on fuel, and send less of their dollars overseas to pay for oil imports.
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Transcript: And last but not least, this is a victory for our planet and everyone who knows that we must take action today and not push the challenge of climate change off to the next generation. The clean cars program marks the first official action to control greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. We expect to reduce greenhouse emissions by the equivalent of 42,000,000 cars over the life of the program.
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