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Little Eagle Childcare Center Receives $5,000 Environmental Education Grant From EPA

Release Date: 7/29/1999
Contact Information: Donna M. Heron (215) 814-5113

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. -- Preschoolers at the Little Eagle Childcare Center will begin to learn about their environment through a $5,000 environmental education grant from the Environmental Protection Agency’s mid-Atlantic Region.

The center will create an outdoor environmental learning center to teach "Beginning Bees, Bugs, Birds and Bushes," a program that will include fruit trees, native plants and vegetables designed to attract butterflies and other insects. A water site will also be installed for water plants, tadpoles, goldfish and other aquatic animals.

The goal is to create an atmosphere where, at an early age, children can become aware of and challenged by their environment. The project will provide a solid foundation for a successful school experience.

"These environmental education grants help improve the educational opportunities for our young people and spark an early interest in science, math and technology," said W. Michael McCabe, regional administrator for the mid-Atlantic region.

EPA’s education grant program is is designed to stimulate grass roots environmental education. In the mid-Atlantic region, the 25 grant recipients included schools, civic groups and non-profit organizations. Nationally, $3 million was awarded in 1999.

For more information on this grant contact Bob Runowski at (215) 814-5385. EPA’s Regional Internet Home Page also has general information on the grants: