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U.S. EPA Orders Seven-Up to clean up waste water discharge from Sacramento facility

Release Date: 3/25/2004
Contact Information: Lisa Fasano, 415-947-4307

     SAN FRANCISCO -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently ordered the Seven-Up/RC Bottling Company Inc. of San Francisco to immediately comply with the federal Clean Water Act at the company's Sacramento facility.

    Stormwater polluted by industrial materials such as fuel and battery acid runs off from the Seven-Up plant at 2670 Land Avenue, in Sacramento, a violation of facility's storm water discharge permit.  In addition, the industrial wastewater discharged by the plant into the sewer system was excessively acidic.

    "We are concerned that the facility has let polluted runoff enter Sacramento waterways and corrosive industrial wastewater into county sewers," said Alexis Strauss, EPA's water division director for the Pacific Southwest region.  "To protect waterways and the structural integrity of the sewer systems, we trust that Seven-Up will promptly comply with the Clean Water Act and rectify the problems at the plant."

     The Sacramento facility maintains a truck fleet, and stores waste and various materials in the open air, allowing polluted stormwater from the facility to drain into the Arcade Creek.  The Clean Water Act requires a permit to discharge industrial stormwater to waterways.  Under the permit, Seven-Up is required to prepare an up-to-date storm water pollution prevention plan, conduct specific pollution management practices and closely monitor runoff from its operations.

    The EPA order requires Seven-Up to:

- Develop and implement a pH compliance plan for the industrial wastewater sent by the Sacramento facility to the county sewer systems.

- Develop and implement an updated Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and updated Storm Water Monitoring program.

- Complete cleanup tasks within 30 days of the order including, building a berm around outside heavy equipment, and covering or removing raw materials, waste and obsolete equipment stored outdoors.

- Inspect outdoor industrial equipment at regular intervals for spills and other pollutant sources and submit inspection logs to EPA on a quarterly basis.

- Take all necessary measures to achieve consistent and continuous compliance with the General Permit.

    Failure to comply with the EPA order could bring penalties against Seven-Up for as much as $32,500 per day per violation.
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