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Local South Jersey Resident Recognized for National Achievement

Release Date: 5/22/2003
Contact Information: Joan Schafer, 215-814-5143

Joan Schafer, 215-814-5143

PHILADELPHIA - Cinnaminson, NJ resident Wayne Naylor was recently recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for his exemplary accomplishments in the area of hazardous waste cleanup. Recognized by Marianne Horinko, EPA assistant administrator, at the National Notable Achievement Awards presentation held in Washington, D.C., Naylor received the prestigious national priority award for his efforts in the recycling and energy category.

As Chief of the Technical and Program Support Branch in the EPA mid-Atlantic regional office, Naylor provided outstanding leadership and management of the eCycling pilot project during 2002, while consistently delivering a high degree of strategic insight and responsibility. He served a key role in building partnerships with both states and industry representatives, and garnered resources for the pilot at high levels within EPA and the state environmental agencies in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Virginia and West Virginia.

The eCycling pilot was the first-of-a-kind collaboration among federal, state and local government agencies and the electronics industry to promote large scale collection, reuse and recycling of old computer equipment, televisions, and electronics.

To implement the eCycling pilot, Naylor took innovative steps in planning a strategy that resulted in a strong, unified team with a shared vision. His efforts resulted in significant progress in developing recycling markets and demonstrated the feasibility of a multi-state collection and recycling program. His understanding of how to harmonize regulations across state boundaries allowed the program to realize the overall support needed for the program to be successful.

“It is very gratifying to play a vital role in educating millions of residents about the hazards of throwing away unwanted computers and facilitating recycling of electronics in the mid-atlantic region,” Naylor said. “The eCycling program is an example of the kind of success that can be achieved when government, industry, and citizens all come together to work toward shared goals of a healthier environment and improved quality of life.”

The eCycling collection events offered local communities significant savings in disposal fees and reduced negative impacts to public health and the environment.

Since the kickoff of the eCycling project, EPA and the mid-Atlantic states have organized and held over 61 collection events in more than 35 counties. From these events, where local residents dropped-off unwanted electronics, eCycling successfully diverted over 3,100 tons of electronics from the municipal waste stream across the region, including more than 30,000 cathode ray tubes (CRTs), found in computer monitors and televisions and known to contain toxic leaded glass. It is expected that the eCycling project will serve as a model for a national solution to properly manage unwanted electronics in this country.

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