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EMCOR Facilities Services Honored for Environmental Leadership

Release Date: 03/10/2006
Contact Information: Joan Schafer 215-814-5143

(03/10/06) PHILADELPHIAIn a ceremony today in Washington, D.C., EMCOR Facilities Services became an official partner in a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program to conserve natural resources.

EMCOR Facilities Services, headquartered in Arlington, Va., is the first facilities management company in EPA’s mid-Atlantic region to enroll in EPA’s voluntary National Partnership for Environmental Priorities program. The program challenges businesses and manufacturers to become more environmentally aware and to adopt a resource conservation ethic that results in less waste, more recycling, and more environmentally-sound products.

“There is a national initiative underway called the Resource Conservation Challenge, which encourages companies to find flexible, yet more protective ways to conserve our valuable resources through waste reduction and energy recovery activities that will improve public health and the environment,” said Jim Berlow, EPA’s Director of Hazardous Waste Minimization. “Today, EMCOR has stepped up to the plate by committing to develop a comprehensive mercury recycling program for the entire region that can serve as a model for other companies, including the entire property management sector across the nation.”

As a new waste minimization partner, EMCOR has been voluntarily finding new and better ways of making the buildings they manage “greener.” For example, EMCOR is eliminating mercury releases into the environment by making sure mercury waste from spent fluorescent lamps’ thermostats is recycled.

The buildings that property and facilities management companies manage generate not only spent fluorescent lamps and other wastes that contain mercury but also nickel cadmium batteries, paper and food waste, electronic or e-waste and construction and demolition waste from building construction and renovations. There are many opportunities for this sector to support the Resource Conservation Challenge.

“It is very gratifying to be recognized by the EPA for our contribution to the Green Agenda,” stated Bill Rodgers, president and CEO of EMCOR Facilities Services. “Green is part of the heritage of EMCOR. Because it encompasses energy, facilities and construction, a suite of services we provide and specifically relates to 75 percent of the LEED Certification criteria, our ability to meaningfully contribute to the advancement of the “Green” initiatives is second to none.”

EMCOR Facilities Services is a an award winning division of EMCOR Group, Inc., EMCOR (NYSE: EME) is a Fortune 500 leader in specialty construction, energy infrastructure and facilities services for a diverse range of organizations globally, including government, commercial, industrial and institutional clients.

Minimizing waste has the benefit of not only reducing pollution, but it saves companies money, too. Participating companies throughout America are learning that reducing or eliminating waste can also mean greater production efficiency, an improved image in their community, and increased profits.

EPA created the National Partnership for Environmental Priorities, one of a suite of voluntary partnership programs, in order to reduce 31 highly toxic, priority chemicals found in our nation’s waste. The agency’s goal is to work with industry and the public to reduce the presence of the 31 priority chemicals in waste by 10 percent by the year 2008, compared to amounts generated in 2001.

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