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EPA Deputy Announces Diesel Rule at Dallas Facility

Release Date: 5/11/2004
Contact Information: For more information contact the Office of External Affairs at (214) 665-2200.

      On the same day EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt signed EPA's Clean Air Nonroad Diesel Rule, EPA Deputy Administrator Steve Johnson visited a truck stop featuring IdleAire, a service that helps reduce diesel idling.  

      "This is one of many tools for states to use in reaching our new, more protective clean air standards.  By dramatically cutting diesel emissions through both cleaner engines and cleaner fuels, this rule will have enormous public benefits," said Johnson.  

      EPA's Clean Air Nonroad Diesel Rule requires stringent pollution controls on diesel engines used in industries such as construction, agriculture and mining, and it will slash sulfur content of diesel fuel.  

      The rule is the latest in a series of Clean Diesel actions that are designed to reduce emissions from nearly every type of diesel vehicle and equipment.  This nonroad diesel program combines cleaner engine technologies with cleaner fuel -- similar to the on-highway diesel program -- with an end result of dramatic environmental and public health benefits.

      The new standards will cut emissions from nonroad diesel engines by over 90 percent.  Nonroad diesel equipment, as described in this rule, currently accounts for 47 percent of diesel particulate matter (PM) and 25 percent of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from mobile sources nationwide.

      Diesel trucks often idle for long periods at truck stops and service centers, creating air emissions.  IdleAire provides heating, cooling, TV, phone, Internet access and electricity directly to the cabs of diesel trucks while they are stopped at these venues.  The service allows truck drivers to stay with their trucks without idling their engines.

      EPA Regional Administrator Richard E. Greene said, "IdleAire is a great example of an innovative company helping America reduce air emissions while creating jobs and growing the economy.   It improves air quality in areas with interstate trucking crossroads, helping us address public health issues in areas that need help."

      More information about IdleAire is available at  More information about EPA's Clean Air Nonroad Diesel Rule is available at