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EPA Smartway Program awards $100,000 Grant to North Carolina Centralina Council of Governments

Release Date: 10/012/2004
Contact Information: Laura Niles, (404) 562-8353,
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Mike Leavitt announced the award of $100,000 to the North Carolina Centralina Council of Governments to reduce truck idling today at Derrick’s Truck Stop in Salisbury, North Carolina. The North Carolina Centralina Council of Governments received the grant to assist in achieving air pollution reductions in the North and South Carolina region.

“Truckers know that cleaning the air is everybody’s business,” said Administrator Mike Leavitt. “By cleaning the air, reducing fuel consumption, and saving money, the SmartWay Partnership is the perfect business model.”

The grant program is part of EPA’s new SmartWay Transport Partnership. The SmartWay Transport Partnership is a national voluntary program developed by EPA and freight industry representatives to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases, and to promote cleaner, more efficient ground freight transportation. A key SmartWay strategy is to reduce long duration truck engine idling and to establish national transportation idle-free corridors. This strategy promotes a nationwide network of idle-reduction facilities along interstate highway freight corridors and at rail switch yards. EPA and its SmartWay Partners support pilot projects to evaluate and demonstrate the fuel-saving benefits of advanced idle reduction technologies, such as truck stop electrification.

Truck stop electrification eliminates main engine idling and reduces pollution, while providing truck drivers electricity for air conditioning, heat and power for on-board appliances. Extended idling has a significant impact upon air quality. On a national scale, extended truck idling contributes, annually, 11 million tons of carbon dioxide, 180,000 tons of oxides of nitrogen, and 5,000 tons of particulate matter. Additionally, idling long haul trucks consume over one billion gallons of fuel, costing over $2 billion annually.

This grant will enable trucking companies to save money through fuel savings, while protecting the environment. The Centralina Council of Governments project is part of the SEQL project, an integrated environmental initiative in the 15-county North and South Carolina region. Truck stop electrification will help to greatly reduce air emissions in North and South Carolina, thereby protecting human health of North and South Carolina citizens, as well as the environment.

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