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EPA Region 7 Oversees Drum and Soil Removal in Pender, Neb.

Release Date: 10/26/2007
Contact Information: Dianna Whitaker, (913) 551-7598,

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(Kansas City, Kan., Oct. 26, 2007) - The Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7, oversaw the cleanup of four drums and discolored soil at a spill near Pender, Neb., yesterday. Pender Light, a local utility, had spilled four drums at the site on the east side of Logan Dredge.

The site is a closed dump near Logan Creek, where brush is accumulated along with used appliances prior to recycling. Pender Light is completing the cleanup of the spill.

Tony Provost, environmental director for the Omaha Tribe, received an anonymous complaint about the spill. Provost contacted EPA and asked the Agency to investigate. EPA coordinated with another federal agency and tribal, city, county, and state agencies to find a quick solution to the situation.

EPA Region 7 Administrator John Askew said, "This cleanup is a good example of how the Environmental Protection Agency can mobilize multiple governments to work together on a common mission to protect human health and the environment. Collectively, we found a quick and effective solution to the complaint. This incident also serves as a reminder that we all benefit when waste is properly managed."

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