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EPA Proposes Penalty Against Bridgeport, CT Company for Clean Air Act Violations

Release Date: 09/15/04
Contact Information:

Contact: Peyton Fleming, EPA Press Office (617-918-1008)

For Immediate Release: September 15, 2004 Release # 04-09-05

BOSTON - The US Environmental Protection Agency today announced it is seeking a proposed $65,750 penalty against Peerless Foundry LLC in Bridgeport, CT for violating federal air pollution regulations at its aluminum foundry and die casting facility in Bridgeport, CT from March 2003 to June 2004.

Peerless’s facility makes aluminum parts for various customers. The company melts down virgin and recycled aluminum ingots and scrap aluminum and makes new aluminum parts by either molding or die casting.

EPA’s complaint alleges that Peerless violated federal regulations because it melted “unclean” aluminum scrap in its furnaces that could have caused emissions of dioxin or furan, which are both probable carcinogens. The “unclean” aluminum feedstock consisted of potentially contaminated aluminum wheel covers. From March 2003 to June 2004, Peerless burned about 18,000 pounds of this unclean aluminum scrap.

In June 2004, in response to a letter from EPA, Peerless began using only “clean” feedstock in its furnaces.

“Peerless’s practice of using cheaper, unclean aluminum scrap at its Bridgeport foundry put nearby residents at risk of being exposed to toxic air pollutants,” said Robert W. Varney, regional administrator of EPA’s New England Office. “Peerless has an obligation to follow environmental regulations just as its competitors do.”

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