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Release Date: 01/29/1999
Contact Information: Carl Terry, EPA Press Office, 404-562-8325

Administrative Orders were issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to forty-three companies in the Southeast as part of the Agency's Chlorofluorocarbons Motor Vehicle Air Conditioner (CFC MVAC) enforcement initiative under the Federal Clean Air Act.

John H. Hankinson, Jr., EPA Regional Administrator in Atlanta, said, "These enforcement actions reflect the Agency's commitment to ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Clean Air Act to protect human health and the environment. The environmental threat from CFCs is serious and well-documented; therefore, EPA will aggressively enforce the laws regulating their use."

During the summer months (July and August) of 1998, contract inspectors from EPA Headquarters inspected motor vehicle air conditioner shops in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. EPA Region 4 received approximately 300 inspection reports and reviewed each for compliance with the requirements of Title VI of the Clean Air Act. One hundred facilities were in full compliance, 150 facilities required the submission of additional information to determine compliance, and 43 facilities were issued Administrative Orders for non-compliance.

Each of the following facilities was cited for failure to certify to the Administrator of EPA that it had acquired and was properly using approved motor vehicle air conditioner equipment and that each individual authorized to use the equipment is properly trained and certified. The Administrative Order required each facility to comply with the regulations governing the use of CFCs in servicing air conditioners in motor vehicles. Most of the companies have already taken steps to comply with the Orders.

Auto Center East, Montgomery
Cobb Pontiac-Cadillac, Inc.,
Montgomery Penske Auto Center #3132, Montgomery

Accurate Automotive Repair, Clearwater
Cool Breeze Auto Air Conditioning, Dania
Dison Goodyear #4, Jacksonville
Firestone Tire & Service, Orlando
Ice Cold Auto Air, Orlando
J M Automobile Repair, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale
Jiffy Lube #1527, Tampa
Meineke Discount Mufflers #1164, Tampa
Midas #82, Jacksonville
Midas #6, Miami
O'Hannes Auto Repair & Collision, Tampa
Olin-Mott Tire Stores #3, Tampa

Autosport, Inc. Savannah
BC Tires & Auto Service, Martinez
Earl Brinson Auto Repair, Savannah
Goodyear Tire & Rubber #2173,
Goodyear Tire & Rubber #2483
Lube-N-Tunes, Savannah
Mall Auto Repairs, Savannah
Meineke Muffler, Savannah
Olson total Car Care #6056, Savannah
Penske Auto Center #4210, Atlanta
Pep Boys #129, Savannah
Precision Tune Auto Care, Augusta
Raffield Tire-Masters, Inc., Macon
Roswell Tire & Service, Dunwoody
Washington Road Firestone, Augusta

American Tire & Service, Brandon
Brakes & More, Inc., Ridgeland
Obie's Cheveron, Clinton
Patty Peck Honda, Ridgeland
Red Tire & Auto Repair, Jackson
Reeder's Automotive Service, Pearl
Robinson Service Center, Ridgeland
Thornton Tire & Auto Service, Jackson

Enforcement actions may be taken against additional facilities upon review of information from the 150 facilities that were required to submit information. These actions may include Administrative Orders as well as Administrative Penalty Orders.

The stratospheric ozone layer protects the earth from ultraviolet (UV-B) radiation. According to a national and international consensus, refrigerants like CFC's and hydrochlorofluorocarbons must be restricted because of the risk of depletion of the ozone layer. When depletion of the ozone occurs, the potential for UV-B radiation exposure increases, resulting in potential health and environmental harm including increased incidence of skin cancers and cataracts, suppression of the immune system, and damage to plants including crops and aquatic organisms.

Persons interested in obtaining additional information about CFC's or would like to report suspected violations are encouraged to call EPA's toll free hotline at 1-800-296-1996 or visit EPA's web site at