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EPA Funds Onondaga Lake Partnership 2006 Grants

Release Date: 05/12/2006
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(NEW YORK, NY) Today, at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator Alan J. Steinberg joined Congressman James Walsh, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Touchette, Onondaga County Executive Nicholas J. Pirro, Syracuse Mayor Matthew J. Driscoll, and other officials to award 10 mini-grants totaling nearly $34,000 to community groups to protect and restore Onondaga Lake. The grants, offered through the Onondaga Lake Partnership, will help educate the public and address serious environmental threats to the health of the lake.

“The restoration of Lake Onondaga is essential to Central New York’s economic and social life,” said EPA Regional Administrator Alan J. Steinberg. “From funding youth groups and field trips to minority outreach and hands-on learning programs, we are delighted to support these creative projects. EPA is always looking for ways to empower communities to improve their environment and foster greater public awareness of what’s at stake. Collaboration with local partners is vital to restoring Onondaga Lake and its surrounding areas to health.”

The Onondaga Lake Partnership comprises federal, state and local government representatives and other parties, and undertakes projects focused on the lake and its 248 square-mile watershed to restore and conserve its water quality, natural resources and recreational opportunities. EPA has contributed over $120 million to restore the lake since 1996.

Onondaga Lake is located along the northern side of the City of Syracuse in Onondaga County, New York. The lake covers an area of 4.6 square miles. Surrounded by public parklands, the restoration of Onondaga Lake will enhance its status as a resource for recreational activities, such as boating and fishing, in an urban setting.

Descriptions of the winning projects:

Dunbar Association
Hands-on Environmental Education for Inner City Teenagers
The Dunbar Association Inc. will open its youth program to teenagers interested in a hands-on program learning about the Onondaga Creek Basin. Over the course of a year, there will be a minimum of 20, three-hour sessions with participating teens, including at least 10 field trips to Onondaga Creek, Onondaga Lake and appropriate institutions.

Atlantic States Legal Foundation
Publication of New York State Fish Health Advisory Illustrated Translations
Atlantic States will print and distribute information about the New York State health advisories for fish consumption to minority populations in three languages (Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese).

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Central NY
Engaging the Public in Preventing the Spread of Water Chestnut into Onondaga Lake
The aim of this project is to contribute to the protection of natural resources and recreational opportunities in Onondaga Lake. The specific goal of the project is to increase public awareness and involvement in the monitoring of water chestnut in the outlet and the Seneca River and control of small populations of water chestnut in order to prevent infestation of Onondaga Lake.

Onondaga Creek Kids (Extension of “Friends of Onondaga Lake”)
The kids will complete a year and a half community-based, inter-disciplinary, creek and lake curriculum with a diverse core group of 15-20 children, ranging in the ages from 6-12 years. The curriculum intertwines nature, art, science and language skills. Among the activities will be a play, flora and fauna field guide, educational exhibits, media interviews and the creation of a small demonstration site.

Liverpool Central – Elementary Science Center
Our Watershed and Our Onondaga Lake, Phase II
The objective of the Liverpool Central – Elementary Science Center is to expand the water-testing component of Liverpool Schools’ 5th grade science program, continuing and building on initiatives of 2005 OLP grant partnership with Board of Cooperative Educational Services. The Science Center will engage other schools, gather data from sites tested in the Onondaga Lake watershed and post the results.

Roxboro Middle School – “New Yorkers”
Beartrap Restoration Effort
The objective of this project is to begin taking steps to restore Beartrap Creek to its original state. They will improve a 50-foot portion of the existing stream bed and undertake other restorative activities including monitoring.

Centers for Nature Education
EnviroMails are free email listings of environment-related events, meetings, resources and announcements sent two or three times a month to interested Central New York residents. The project will last at least one year.

Centers for Nature Education
Public Information and Involvement Project
Centers for Nature Education (CNE) will educate community groups and schoolchildren that visit Baltimore Woods about the Onondaga Lake watershed and encourage people to take steps to prevent pollution from entering the lake. Plans include an event at Big Bonanza Day and promoting a stream exploration program.

Huntington Family Center
Taking Back the Waters
Huntington Family Center will administer clean-up field trips on Onondaga Lake and Onondaga Creek. Plans include using canoes and kayaks to take field trips and do cleanups of stream and lakeshores.

Improving Wood Duck population and success
The Wildfowlers Assocation of Central New York will assist the Onondaga Lake Partnership to restore Onondaga Lake and the surrounding habitat by building and placing of Wood Duck nesting boxes to provide homes for the creatures.

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