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Release Date: 8/3/1999
Contact Information: Leo Kay, (415) 744-2201

     SAN FRANCISCO -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reached a settlement this week with Taylor Made Electroplating in Redding that requires the facility to pay $5,000 and establish a hazardous waste management program.

     When EPA and county officials first inspected the facility on Caterpillar Road in April 1998, they discovered numerous violations, including unlabelled, uncovered and corroded hazardous waste containers.

     "This settlement will set in place a number of measures that will make Taylor Made Electroplating safer for its workers and the surrounding community," said Julie Anderson, director of the EPA's Region 9 Waste Division. "At the same time, we hope to send a message to other metal platers that we're serious about policing companies who handle hazardous waste."

     Taylor Made operates a cadmium electroplating line and a chromium electroplating line.  Some of the hazardous materials that the facility uses include caustic and acidic solutions.

     As part of the settlement, the facility has agreed to provide a detailed document that describes the following:

      containers holding hazardous waste are properly labeled and stored;

      daily tank and weekly container storage area inspections are conducted;

      inspection records are maintained; and

      containers holding hazardous wastes are shipped off-site for disposal within the regulatory time-frame.