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EPA Personnel Deployed to Greensburg, Kansas, for Tornado Response

Release Date: 05/07/2007
Contact Information: Beckie Himes, (816) 896-0027, or Dianna Whitaker, (913) 909-5788,

Environmental News

    (Kansas City, Kan., May 7, 2007) – On-scene coordinators (OSCs) from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are in Greensburg, Kan., to respond to potential hazardous materials from tornado damage.

    EPA also deployed the mobile command post from its Region 7 office in Kansas City, Kan. The command post enables the OSCs to establish communications via satellite link, and use on-board monitoring equipment to respond to hazardous materials.

    EPA Region 7 Administrator John B. Askew said, “EPA regional personnel will remain available as long as necessary to respond to this disaster.”

    EPA has been on scene since May 5 assessing fuel releases, chlorine cylinders, anhydrous ammonia tanks, propane tanks, and other hazardous materials issues. EPA is also involved in reviewing polychlorinated biphenyl contamination related to damaged transformers. OSCs have assessed chlorine tanks at the city well house and helped stabilize a chlorine tank at the well house that was damaged by the tornado.

    EPA and local officials responded to a release from a large anhydrous ammonia-filled storage tank that had been damaged by the tornado. The release forced everyone within about five blocks of the tank to be evacuated for a short time.
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