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Go Green in Your Lawn and Garden This Summer

Release Date: 05/23/2008
Contact Information: Roxanne Smith, (202) 564-4355 /

(5/23/08) Looking for tips on how to save time, money, and the planet while tending to your lawn and garden this summer? Check out EPA's new GreenScapes exhibit at the U.S. Botanic Garden's summer exhibition "One Planet—Ours," which opens to the public on Saturday, May 24. EPA's outdoor exhibit showcases lawn and garden care practices that are easy on the environment and on your wallet.

Summer is the perfect time to combine a green thumb with a green lifestyle. By following these simple tips, homeowners can save time and money, and improve the health and appearance of their lawn and garden.

  • Mow regularly and leave the clippings on the lawn – the clippings will recycle into "free fertilizer."
  • Water deeply, but infrequently, to prevent lawn disease and save water.
  • Mulch flower and vegetable beds with compost or grass clippings to conserve water and control weeds.
  • Identify bugs before you spray, squash or stomp – most bugs are good bugs, not pests.
  • Consider planting native trees and plants, especially ones with berries, fruits and flowers to invite birds, butterflies, and other wildlife into your yard.

For more information on greenscaping, check out EPA's GreenScapes Web site. It includes a seasonal tips calendar on landscape maintenance and a pamphlet that provides cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for large-scale landscapers and homeowners.

EPA's GreenScapes partnership program is designed to help preserve natural resources and prevent waste and pollution by encouraging companies, government agencies, and other entities to make more holistic decisions regarding waste generation and disposal, and the use of the land, water, pesticides, and energy.

EPA's GreenScapes Seasonal Planning Calendar:

GreenScaping: The Easy Way To a Greener, Healthier Yard:

More information on GreenScapes: