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EPA Moves to Protect Home Wells in Danville

Release Date: 12/16/1999
Contact Information: Ruth Podems, (215) 814-5540

Ruth Podems, (215) 814-5540

DANVILLE, Va. -- Emergency action taken by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality helped to protect the health and environment of homeowners living on Sycamore Circle in Danville.

Last week, EPA began providing one homeowner with bottled water and is in the process of installing a carbon filtration system which will eliminate a hazardous contaminant found in the homeowner’s well. This week, the EPA is sampling the home wells of nearby properties to see if the contaminant also is present in them.

At the request of VADEQ, EPA personnel visited the home, identified a strong odor in the tapwater and took samples of the home well. The samples showed the well to be contaminated with high concentrations of 1,2- dichloropropane, a hazardous chemical used to fumigate soils. EPA is investigating the possible sources of the contaminant.