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Coordinated Approach Stressed in Revised Small Business Strategy

Release Date: 07/18/2003
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Teresa Libera, 202-564-7873

(07/18/03) In recognition of the increasingly important role small business plays in the United States economy, EPA announced its revised Small Business Strategy on June 27. Given the vast number and types, small business’ environmental performance is critical to reduce impacts to air, water and land. The revised strategy integrates a small business focus in all EPA’s core functions and highlights policies and approaches that advance public health and environmental protection in ways that are relevant to small businesses. The revised Small Business Strategy was developed after a series of interviews with interested state representatives, stakeholders, industry and focus groups. It intends to unify EPA’s diverse programs in a coordinated approach so small businesses better understand and meet environmental responsibilities to reach five key goals: to build better understanding within EPA of the diversity, needs, and most effective ways to work with small businesses; emphasize partnership and stakeholder involvement; strengthen the environmental performance of small businesses; and instill the concept of environmental stewardship in small businesses. The revised Small Business Strategy is available at: . More information is available at: and .