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EPA to Oversee Cleanup of Residential Properties in Depew

Release Date: 11/01/2004
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(#04171) NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has signed an agreement with NL Industries, Inc. Exit EPA disclaimerto remove lead contamination at the NL Industries/Depew Superfund site in Depew, New York. The company will remove and dispose of lead-contaminated soil from residential properties according to an Administrative Order on Consent (AOC) under the Superfund law. EPA will oversee the work and NL Industries will reimburse EPA for its oversight costs.

"EPA will work with NL Industries to ensure that contaminated soil is removed in a safe and efficient manner," said EPA Regional Administrator Jane M. Kenny. "Our primary concern is the health of the residents, and we are directing our efforts toward getting the work started as soon as possible."

From 1892 until 1972, NL Industries owned and operated a 7.5 acre brass foundry at 3241 Walden Avenue in Depew. In 1974, NL industries sold the foundry to Anglo- Recycling Corporation. The facility's current owner is Norampac Industries, Inc. Operations at the foundry resulted in contamination of soil located on the foundry property and on nearby residential properties. Contamination at the foundry is being addressed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation through agreements with Norampac Industries. NL Industries sampled soil on the nearby residential properties, and found lead at levels as high as 5,300 parts per million.

Under the AOC, NL Industries must provide EPA with a detailed cleanup plan and schedule for Agency review and approval prior to start of the work. To date, EPA has identified 25 properties requiring a soil cleanup, as well as ten properties where additional sampling is needed to determine if a cleanup is necessary. NL Industries will meet with residents to obtain access to their properties, and to discuss the details of the cleanup which will begin in the spring. Following completion of the soil cleanup, EPA will offer residents of the affected area an opportunity to have the interior living spaces of their homes sampled for lead to determine if indoor cleanups are necessary.