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U.S. EPA welcomes eight Performance Track members in Arizona and California

Release Date: 9/2/2005
Contact Information: Mark Merchant, (415) 947-4297

SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently announced 71 facilities from 29 states and Puerto Rico as new or renewing members in a program rewarding facilities that voluntarily exceed environmental regulatory requirements.

The National Environmental Performance Track program rewards facilities that work with their communities, set three-year goals for continuous improvements in environmental performance and have internal systems in place to manage their environmental impacts. Only facilities with a record of sustained compliance with environmental requirements are eligible to participate in this program.

“Performance Track members are demonstrating new ways of achieving tangible environmental results by working collaboratively with government and demonstrating the business value of their environmental leadership,” said Wayne Nastri, the EPA’s administrator for the Pacific Southwest Region. “This relationship leads to greater efficiency and reduced costs for both Performance Track facilities and environmental regulators.”

Eight new members and three renewing members have joined the Performance Track program in the Pacific Southwest Region, which includes Arizona, Nevada, California, Hawai’i and the Pacific territories.

New Members:

  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company located in Palmdale, Calif. engages in research, development and assembly of aircraft prototypes, and implements the fabrication, maintenance and modification of aircrafts such as the U-2, F-117, and FA-22. As one of their Performance Track goals, the facility pledged to cut hazardous material use by 10 percent, or 1592.8 pounds;
  • Ping, Inc., in Phoenix, Ariz. designs, manufactures and services golf clubs and other golfing equipment. The facility set a target of reducing energy use by 2 percent or nearly 2,000 MMBTUs;
  • Hewlett-Packard’s facility in San Diego, Calif. develops and produces inkjet printing technology. The facility has committed to reduce hazardous waste generation by 10 percent, or 1.23 tons;
  • Trinity Lake Resorts and Marinas in Trinity Center, Calif, a Forever Resorts subsidiary, is a marina operation offering boat rentals. One of their Performance Track goals is to cut total energy use at the facility by 7 percent, or 99 MMBTUs, which will result in a reduction of 7.06 metric tons of CO2;
  • Pinewood Cove Resort in Trinity Center, Calif., a Forever Resorts subsidiary, is a resort and marina facility that also offers cabin, RV and campground sites. They pledged to cut the amount of solid waste going to landfills by 7 percent, or 12.77 tons;
  • Moccasin Point Marina in Jamestown, Calif., a Forever Resorts subsidiary, is a full service marina that offers houseboat, small boat, personal water craft, and water ski rentals. One of their Performance Track commitments goals is to reduce total energy use by 5 percent, 50.2 MMBTUs, which will result in the reduction of 4.23 metric tons of CO2;
  • Lake Don Pedro Marina in La Grange, Calif., a Forever Resorts subsidiary, operates a full service marina that offers boat rentals. The facility proposes to reduce the amount of solid waste going to landfills by 12 percent, or 27 tons;
  • Delta Houseboat Rentals in Walnut Grove, Calif., a Forever Resorts subsidiary offers houseboat and small boat rental. The facility aims to reduce waste oil generation by 91 percent or 800 pounds.

Renewing Members:
  • Rohm and Haas’s plant in La Mirada, Calif. produces acrylic and vinyl acrylic emulsion polymers, the primary component of paint. Rohm and Haas was one of three facilities nationally to receive the Performance Track Achievement award for their progress in reducing energy use, solid waste, hazardous waste and water use. For example, during their past term as Performance Track members (2001-2004), the facility reduced energy use by 17 percent, or 10,000 MMBTUs, despite a 41 percent increase in production. As a future goal for the new membership, the facility plans to reduce hazardous waste generation by 45 percent, or 45 tons;
  • Ricoh Electronics’s facility in Santa Ana, Calif. manufactures dry toner, liquid toner, thermal transfer ribbon, and thermal media paper products. During their past term as Performance Track members (2001-2004), the facility reduced the amount of solid waste being incinerated – all waste from the facility is incinerated or recycled – by 39 percent, or 235 tons despite a 70 percent increase in production. This is a dramatic 63 percent reduction in waste per pounds of products produced. The facility plans to further reduce all solid waste generation by 7 percent, or 147 tons by the end of its new three-year membership term with Performance Track;
  • Ricoh Electronics’s facility in Tustin, Calif. manufactures photocopiers, printed circuit boards, metal and plastic components and machine cabinets. During their past term as Performance Track members (2001-2004), the facility reduced the use of lead solder by 93 percent. This achievement was accomplished by substituting lead solder with silver solder. For its new membership term with Performance Track, the facility plans to reduce total solid waste generation by 9 percent, or 257 tons.

Since the program's inception in June 2000, Performance Track membership has grown and produced solid environmental results. With the latest additions, the program has over 370 members in 46 states and Puerto Rico. To date, Performance Track members have collectively reduced their water use by 1.3 billion gallons and their generation of solid waste by nearly 600,000 tons, increased their use of reused or recycled materials by nearly 77,000 tons, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 67,000 tons of carbon dioxide. To read the latest program report, visit:

A complete list of new and renewing Performance Track members as well as a list of companies that have expanded their membership in Performance Track may be found at:

Performance Track encourages participation by all sizes of facilities. The major industries are represented, with chemical, electronic and electrical, and medical equipment manufacturers composing nearly 40 percent of the current members. The public sector is also represented by members such as national defense installations, postal facilities, and municipalities. For more information on Performance Track membership rewards and benefits, visit:

Until 2004, Performance Track was entirely a facility-based program. However, the high participation rate of several firms led to the creation of a Corporate Leader designation for companies with a large number of facilities and with corporate policies and practices that demonstrate environmental excellence. The first three Performance Track Corporate Leaders were announced in February. They include: Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, and Rockwell Collins. For more information on Performance Track Corporate Leaders, visit:

For information on the National Environmental Performance Track program in general, visit: