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Revised Manual Helps Employers Comply with Measures to Protect Agricultural Workers from Pesticides

Release Date: 12/08/2005
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Contact: David Deegan, 617-918-1017

(Boston) - A revised manual describing how to comply with EPA requirements to protect agricultural workers from pesticides is available.

The new resource, called the "Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides - How to Comply Manual" has been significantly updated to reflect amendments to the Worker Protection Standard, a regulation designed to protect agricultural workers and pesticide handlers.

The revised manual provides detailed information to agricultural operators on who is covered by the standard and how to meet regulatory requirements. The updated information will facilitate better protection of pesticide workers and handlers in agriculture from the potential risks of pesticides.

The Worker Protection Standard contains requirements for pesticide safety training, notification of pesticide applications, use of personal protective equipment, restricted entry intervals following pesticide application, decontamination supplies, and emergency medical assistance.

The revised 2005 manual supersedes the previous 1993 version. Changes to the standard since 1993 have made the earlier version obsolete, and its continued use may lead an employer to be out of compliance.

For information on pesticide issues in New England, including the revised manual, see: .

The revised manual and other related materials are available at: .