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Warner Village, N.H. Water District Wastewater Treatment Plant Recognized for Excellence

Release Date: 10/12/2006
Contact Information: David Deegan, (617) 918-1017

(Boston, Mass. – Oct. 12, 2006) – The Warner Village, N.H. Water District Wastewater Treatment Plant was recently selected by the U.S. EPA for a National First Place Award in the Most Improved Plant category as part of the annual 2006 U.S. EPA Clean Water Act Recognition Awards selection process.

The staff is being recognized by EPA for outstanding work at this facility and its overall commitment to improving water quality. It has been a dramatic turnaround for this facility primarily due to the efforts of Superintendent Jeremiah Menard who was hired in 2004 by the District. One dedicated and hard working individual can truly make a difference.

The Warner Village plant is among four facilities in New England acknowledged for exemplary performance, with all four winning First Place in their respective categories. Several areas that Warner Village has excelled in recent years to earn the National First Place Most Improved Plant Award include:

- implementation of numerous process control improvements in recent years to result in no NPDES permit violations since 2004 compared to having as many as 39 NPDES permit violations between 2000 and 2003;
- development of a proactive and comprehensive collection system maintenance program;
- complete renovation and overhaul of the laboratory;
- reducing chemical usage at a significant cost savings to the Town;
- recent improvements to the sludge handling and removal process to save the Town additional costs; and
- implementation of an outstanding plant maintenance and equipment improvement program.

“The professionals operating this wastewater treatment plant play a crucial role ensuring that our lakes and rivers are protected from unnecessary pollution,” said Robert W. Varney, regional administrator of EPA's New England Office. “The individuals who run this plant, and the municipalities that support them, are key to keeping our environment healthy. We are proud to give them the credit they deserve.”

Superintendent Menard, along with operators Thomas Chandler and Daniel Burnham, are acknowledged for their professional commitment and resourcefulness in the operation and maintenance of Warner Village's wastewater treatment plant. In addition, James McLaughlin, Clerk for the District, and Peg McLaughlin, Administrative Assistant, have been instrumental in providing invaluable support and assistance to the wastewater treatment plant staff. Furthermore, the Warner Village Water District Commissioners, Philip Lord (Chair), Peter Newman, and Lynn Perkins, have been extremely supportive of the improvements that the wastewater treatment plant has made in recent years.

The Most Improved Plant Award category also entails substantial assistance from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services’ (NHDES) Wastewater Engineering Bureau staff, particularly the Operations Section which provides on-site technical assistance and training for wastewater treatment facilities throughout the state “It is indicative of the dedication which NHDES staff continues to serve the public to protect water quality and public health, as well a team effort involving local, state, and federal officials” added Varney.

The U.S. EPA Clean Water Act Recognition Awards have been established to recognize and honor the employees of publicly owned wastewater treatment plants for their commitment to improving water quality, not only with outstanding operation and maintenance, but also through a combination of continued permit compliance, effective financial management, and on-going operator training. More often than not and particularly with the smaller facilities, conscientious operators and staff continue to perform exceptionally with limited resources.

The staff and facility will be honored during the annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) that will be held in Dallas, Texas from Oct. 21-25. In addition, the Warner Village Wastewater Treatment Plant will be acknowledged at the January 2007 New England Water Environment Association Awards Luncheon in Boston.

More information: EPA Clean water recognition awards (

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