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EPA honors leadership in emergency prevention and preparedness

Release Date: 11/21/2005
Contact Information: Leo Kay, 415-947-4306

Ariz., Nev., tribal officials win awards
     SAN FRANCISCO -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presented its third annual regional Emergency Prevention and Preparedness Leadership Awards during a ceremony held at the HazMat Explo conference in Las Vegas last week.

     Kathryn Lawrence, the EPA's Pacific Southwest regional chief for emergency prevention and preparedness, honored program leadership and presented plaques for Regional Emergency Preparedness 2005 to:

* U.S. EPA Pacific Southwest's Emergency Prevention and Preparedness Leadership Award Winner in the Lifetime Achievement Category 2005: Dan Roe has over 35 years of program experience and has been with the Arizona Division of Emergency Management since 1988.  He has served as executive director of the Arizona State Emergency Response Commission since 1994 and been a national leader in the formulation, use and enhancements of industry on-line federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act reporting to state and local jurisdictions.  

* U.S. EPA Pacific Southwest's Emergency Prevention Leadership Award 2005: Nevada's Chemical Accident Prevention Program has been recognized for leadership incorporating federal Risk Management Program requirements for facilities under the Clean Air Act Amendments and combining it with Nevada state requirements including the safe handling of explosive materials.   The Nevada State Legislature passed the Chemical Catastrophe Prevention Act in July 1991 and created CAPP following a large chlorine release from a Henderson, Nev. facility in May 1991 and a large ammonium perchlorate explosion in May 1988, also in Henderson.  

* U.S. EPA Pacific Southwest's Emergency Preparedness Leadership Award 2005: The Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.'s Emergency Response Program is just one of more than 20 projects operated by this organization, a consortium of 19 Native American tribes in Arizona.   The program has been a leader in providing chemical emergency response awareness and training among the Arizona tribes as well as supporting development of tribal emergency response plans and tribal emergency response commissions.  Accepting this leadership award on behalf of ITCA was George Little, Jr., the organization’s emergency systems development coordinator.  

   "This year’s hurricanes remind us all of the importance of emergency preparedness.  The people we are honoring are making their communities safer by preparing in advance to address potential environmental damages before they occur," said Daniel Meer, branch chief of the EPA regional emergency response and planning programs.  

   HazMat Explo in Las Vegas is an annual training conference for hazardous materials responders and planners in its ninth year.  

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