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EPA awards $346,000 in grants to five businesses in California and Nevada

Release Date: 3/10/2005
Contact Information: Leo Kay, (415) 947-4306,

SAN FRANCISCO -- The U.S. EPA recently awarded $346,000 in grants to five businesses in California and Nevada as part of the agency’s Small Business Innovation Research contracts program. The EPA awarded 34 grants totaling $2.6 million to small businesses across the country. Here are descriptions of the projects to be funded in California and Nevada:

Photon Systems of Covina, Calif. will use the $70,000 EPA funding to improve the performance of treatment systems designed to remove nitrogen from wastewater. The technology could also be used for monitoring air, water and soil as well as a wide range of commercial, industrial and medical uses. For more information, go to:
Contact: William Hug, (626) 967-6431,

GeoPraxis, an engineering, architectural and construction software development company in Petaluma, Calif., will use its $70,000 grant to develop a Web service for use in building analysis that will factor in such issues as localized wind information, water table information, transportation alternatives, utility transmission and distribution infrastructure availability, and regional air quality. For more information go to:
Contact: John Kennedy, (707) 766-7010,

Kent SeaTech Corporation of San Diego will use the $70,000 grant to work with Clemson University to reduce the environmental impacts of nutrient wastes produced by concentrated animal feeding operations. The partnership has developed a way to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from water contaminated by dairies and other large animal farms. For more information go to:
Contact: Michael Massingill, (858) 452-5765,

Using a $66,000 grant, Seacoast Science Inc. in Carlsbad, Calif. will develope a monitor to detect chemicals in buildings, particularly chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide, both commonly used for building decontamination. The company hopes to develop a small, rugged, lightweight and inexpensive detector that operates during a building’s decontamination process when chemical concentrations are high, and can also be used to determine if the building can be safely re-occupied. For more information, go to:
Contact: Louis Haerle, (858) 449-2151,

In Reno, Nev., Baldwin Environmental, Inc. will put its $70,000 grant toward developing a better technology to detect particulate matter emitted from combustion facilities such as refineries, incinerators and cement plants. Current technologies have difficulties accurately measuring particulate matter from combustion sources. For more information, go to:
Contact: Allan Budd, (775) 850-1800, or (623)670-0283,

The EPA’s Small Business Innovation Research program offers financial support to businesses with fewer than 500 employees to develop the best new innovative technologies related to environmental protection, including clean air and water, hazardous and solid waste, pollution prevention, remediation and monitoring. For more information on the program go to: