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Cardozo Lockers Screened for Mercury

Release Date: 3/18/2005
Contact Information: David Sternberg, (215) 814-5548

David Sternberg, (215) 814-5548

• EPA, DC Public Schools and DC Department of Health have completed screening the lockers at Cardozo High School for mercury vapors.

• Out of about 1600 lockers, the teams found only one containing mercury vapor. DCPS took over the investigation of that locker.

• EPA is currently screening the areas outside and adjacent to the science labs for mercury vapors. If mercury is detected, those areas will be turned over to DCPS for cleanup.

• EPA has provided results of mercury sampling and cleanup to DCDOH.

• Once DCDOH has reviewed all the data from the mercury cleanup, they will make recommendations to DCPS on the safety of reopening the school.