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Construction Storm Water Inspections in Idaho continue to find violations

Release Date: 01/5/2006
Contact Information: Contact: Kristine Karlson (206)-553-0290 Tony Brown (206)-553-1203

This past year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 10 conducted a number of storm water inspections at construction sites throughout Idaho. This was the second year in a multi-year enforcement initiative. The inspections were conducted at both residential and commercial construction sites and checked for compliance with the nationwide storm water Construction General Permit. This permit requires operators of construction sites to conduct regular inspections and implement certain storm water controls in order to protect the nation’s waterways from pollutants such as sediment, oil and grease, and concrete washout.

The inspectors observed violations at most construction sites, including the failure to adequately plan for and implement erosion and sediment controls; failure to inspect and maintain such controls; and the failure to apply for storm water coverage under the permit.

“Despite the violations, Idaho’s construction industry is learning the importance of storm water management in controlling pollutants from entering our waters. Each year, we see continued improvement,” said Kim Ogle, EPA's Region 10, Compliance Unit Manager.

The inspections were conducted using the Agency’s Construction Storm Water Expedited Settlement Offer (ESO) Policy, which allows EPA to employ a streamlined enforcement process with lower fines for operators who are first-time violators and where several other criteria are also met.

The inspections in 2005 have so far resulted in 14 ESOs, with penalties ranging from $1,050 to $7,300, including the following construction site operators:

  • JLJ Enterprises, Inc., Boise, ID, penalty $1,050
  • Jayo Construction, Inc., Boise, ID, penalty $7,300
  • John Marshall, Priest River, ID, penalty $5,500
  • Kenaston Corporation, Lewiston, ID, penalty $3,850
  • Laser Land Leveling, Inc., Boise, ID, penalty $2,300
  • Liberty Development, Inc., Star, ID, penalty $5,100
  • Red Pheasant Holding, LLC, Lewiston, ID, penalty $3,150
  • Regence Blue Shield, Lewiston, ID, penalty $3,850
  • Suncrest Apartments, LLC, Lewiston, ID, penalty $2,900
  • Vandervert Construction, Inc., Lewiston, ID, penalty $3,800

Some ESO cases not listed above are still awaiting settlement. Other cases could not be dealt with through the ESO process because the violations were more egregious or because site operators had previous violations. Those cases are still under review.

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