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U.S. EPA settles with Los Angeles and Vernon, Calif. wholesalers for pesticide violations

Release Date: 09/27/2007
Contact Information: Dean Higuchi 808-541-2711

SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently settled with Four Seasons General Merchandise, Inc., a Los Angeles, Calif. non-durable goods wholesaler for $24,960 and 26 California Bazar, a Vernon, Calif. company for $9,360 for the alleged sale and distribution of unregistered pesticides, a violation of federal pesticide law.

The EPA alleges that Four Seasons sold the unregistered pesticides Clorox Disinfecta--a Mexican version of Clorox Bleach--and Citronella Incense mosquito coils to retailers in Guam and Calif. on five occasions between August 2006 and March 2007. In addition to the fine, the wholesaler has agreed to return all unused products to the original seller.

The EPA alleges that 26 California Bazar sold the unregistered pyrethroid pesticide, Camping Mosquito Sticks, to Guam retailers on two occasions. In addition to the fine, the company has agreed to cease selling the product.

“Companies must ensure that all products that claim to act as pesticides are registered with the EPA,” said Katherine Taylor, associate director for the EPA Pacific Southwest region’s Communities and Ecosystems Division. “Without the required registration, we have no information on the potential effects of these products, which could result in serious harm to public health and the environment.”

The alleged violations at Four Seasons were discovered during inspections performed by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and the Guam Environmental Protection Agency. The alleged violations at 26 California Bazar were found by Guam EPA inspectors. The federal pesticide law governs sale and distribution of pesticides in Guam, a U.S. trust territory.

Before selling or distributing any pesticide in the United States, companies must register the pesticide with the EPA. The sale or distribution of a pesticide that has not been registered with the EPA is a violation of federal pesticide law, which requires registration of pesticides and pesticide-production facilities. These requirements protect public health and the environment by ensuring safe and consistent production and distribution of pesticides.

For more information on what types of products are regulated as pesticides under the federal law, please visit:

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