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EPA Adjusts Maximum Civil Penalties for Inflation

Release Date: 02/26/2004
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Cynthia Bergman 202-564-7862 /

02/26/2004 - In accordance with federal law, EPA has issued a final rule that adjusts the maximum amount of civil monetary penalties that can be imposed under the environmental statutes EPA implements. All federal agencies are required to issue, at least once every four years, regulations adjusting for inflation the maximum civil monetary penalties that can be imposed pursuant to each agency’s statutes. The purpose of these adjustments is to maintain the deterrent effect of civil monetary penalties and to promote compliance with the law. Effective 30 days after publication in the Federal Register, the new rule increases the existing statutory maximum penalties by 17.23 percent, representing inflation increases that occurred from 1996-2003. The first adjustment occurred in 1996. The new rule was delayed to allow for additional public comment on methods used to round penalties, once adjusted for inflation. To see the Federal Register notice, click on: .