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Newington, NH Wastewater Treatment Plant Recognized for Excellence by EPA

Release Date: 01/31/2005
Contact Information:

Contact: Sheryl Rosner, EPA Office of Public Affairs, (617) 918-1865

For Immediate Release: January 31, 2005; Release # sr050115

BOSTON – The Newington, NH Wastewater Treatment Plant was recently selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a New England Regional Operations and Maintenance Wastewater Excellence Award in the small secondary plant category. The staff of the facility was recognized by EPA's New England Office for their outstanding work in operating and maintaining the facility and their overall commitment to improving water quality.

The plant, recognized in the small secondary category, was among six facilities in New England recognized for exemplary performance in 2004. The staff and facility were recognized last week during the annual New England Water Environment Association Conference in Boston.

According to the NH Department of Environmental Services, the 24-year-old Newington Wastewater Treatment Facility, which has a capacity for 300,000 gallons a day, has had an excellent compliance history that shows the commitment and fine work performed by Plant Manager Denis Messier and Maintenance Manager Jack Hoyt. In addition, the Newington Sewer Commission has invested in the town’s wastewater infrastructure every year to keep its original investment properly maintained to perform at a high level.

Cooperation between the staff of the plant and the sewer commission has been outstanding, state officials said. Many necessary upgrades have been made over the years and the financial support of the town indicates town officials value the wastewater treatment facility and collection system.

“The professionals operating this wastewater treatment plant play a crucial role ensuring that our lakes and rivers are protected from unnecessary pollution,” said Robert W. Varney, regional administrator of EPA's New England Office. “The individuals who run these plants, and the municipalities that support them, are key to keeping our environment healthy. I am proud to give them the credit they deserve.”

The EPA Regional Operations and Maintenance Excellence Award was established to recognize the staffs of publicly owned wastewater treatment plants for their commitment to improving water quality not only with outstanding operation and maintenance, but also through a combination of continued permit compliance, effective financial management, and on-going operator training. More often than not and particularly with small facilities, conscientious operators and staff continue to perform exceptionally with limited resources.

The Newington plant will have the opportunity to be nominated for a national EPA 2005 National Operation and Maintenance Excellence Award this coming spring.

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