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Colorado home builders, home performance companies commit to Indoor Air Quality

Release Date: 12/04/2006
Contact Information: Patty Crow 303 312-6464; Richard Mylott 303 312-6654

Companies are first in nation to participate in IAQ labeling program

      {12/04/2006 - Denver, Colo.) -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is teaming up with four Colorado builders and two home performance companies to protect indoor air quality in homes. These businesses are the first in the country to participate in EPA’s new voluntary Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) labeling initiative.

      EPA recognized these six companies with Leadership Awards at E-Star Colorado’s ENERGY STAR Summit, at the Denver Tech Center on December 4th. Companies include New Town Builders, McStain Neighborhoods, Aspen Homes of Colorado, and Archer Homes, Inc. Home performance service companies being recognized include EnergyLogic, Inc. and Lightly Treading, Inc.
“We are thrilled to be working with these home building pioneers in Denver," said Eric Werling of EPA's Indoor Air Package pilot program. "They are demonstrating that new homes can be built with better Indoor Air Quality features and sold to their customers profitably. Homebuyers want improved IAQ - and EPA is committed to helping builders offer it in an easily recognizable package.”

New Town Builders is finishing two IAP pilot homes in the award winning "Belle Creek" Community in North Denver. Since their participation in the EPA pilot program, New Town has incorporated the IAP features into their "Cottage" specifications for the development. They expect to build up to 200 more homes with these specifications in Belle Creek over the next few years. More info about New Town Builders and the Belle Creek community at:

McStain Neighborhoods is finishing two IAP pilot homes on Logan Street in Denver, and a third IAP pilot home in Stapleton, which is also a certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Home. The IAP program is a natural addition for award winning McStain, a pioneer green builder in Denver. As a result of their participation in the EPA pilot program, McStain anticipates offering IAP features in future homes. More info about McStain Neighborhoods and their new home communities at:

Aspen Homes of Colorado, a family-owned business and pioneering green builder, is completing their first IAP pilot home in the Enchantment Ridge community in northwest Loveland. Aspen Homes has been one of the most active participants in the EPA pilot program, and they anticipate offering IAP features in future homes as well.

"Seeing this program come to fruition is exciting for Aspen Homes," said Rob Sabin, Aspen Homes Director of Research and Development. "We intend to make the IAQ label prevalent in our subdivisions and hope to build entire communities with this label in the near future. Aspen Homes believes in leaving our children a world worth inheriting, and strongly supports achievements like the IAQ program that lay the foundations for a better future."

More info about Aspen Homes of Colorado and their new home communities at:

Archer Homes, Inc., a pioneering custom builder, completed its IAP pilot home in Fort Collins. The home has also been certified for the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Homes program. More info about Archer Homes at:

EnergyLogic, Inc. and Lightly Treading, Inc., the participating home performance service companies, have been instrumental in helping EPA evaluate its IAQ program technical requirements. These companies provide expert advice to builders about how to meet ENERGY STAR, IAQ, and Green building program requirements cost-effectively, as well as verification services for all three programs. More about these companies at and

Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about the air quality inside their homes. Asthma, allergies, mold, carbon monoxide, and volatile chemicals in the home are just a few of these concerns. The IAQ label is awarded for ENERGY STAR-qualified new homes with a comprehensive set of EPA-recommended features that can reduce risks of IAQ and related health problems. The new label will help home builders design and sell new homes with these features, and help homebuyers easily identify homes designed with the improvements. `

EPA studies indicate that some air pollutant levels inside homes are often 2 to 5 times higher (occasionally 100 times higher) than outdoor levels. Poor indoor air quality is associated with a host of health problems including respiratory problems such as asthma.

Today’s homebuilders can employ a variety of proven practices and technologies to significantly improve the IAQ of their new homes. Surveys indicate that homebuyers are willing to pay $5,000 more for homes with such improvements. EPA created the ENERGY STAR Indoor Air Package to help homebuilders meet this growing consumer preference for homes with improved IAQ and energy efficiency. By building homes that meet these stringent EPA guidelines, leading builders can distinguish themselves by offering homes designed to deliver lower utility costs, greater comfort, better durability, and reduced risk of IAQ problems.

For more information on the ENERGY STAR Indoor Air Package, visit: