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EPA Approves Deep Well Disposal of Hazardous Waste at Occidental Chemical Corporation Facility in Wichita, Kan.

Release Date: 05/03/2007
Contact Information: Martin Kessler, (913) 551-7236,

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(Kansas City, Kan., May 3, 2007) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved a petition by Occidental Chemical Corporation to inject liquid hazardous waste from their chemical manufacturing facility near Wichita into a deep underground well.

EPA’s approval for this additional on-site injection well became effective May 2, 2007. This well is being added to an existing group of five hazardous waste injection wells that EPA approved in 1990.

EPA concurs with Occidental that this method of disposal is protective of human health and the environment and is cost-effective. The method isolates the waste in deep geologic formations with no potential for future contact with underground sources of drinking water or the environment above the surface.

Based on a technical review of Occidental’s petition, EPA found that the company satisfactorily demonstrated that the hazardous waste will not move out of the injection zone, the base of which is nearly one mile deep, for 10,000 years.

EPA sought public comment from Feb. 26 to April 11 on its proposed approval through a public notice in the Wichita newspaper. EPA also held an informal public availability session in Wichita on March 13 to give the public a chance to discuss the petition with federal, state, and company officials.

Although EPA has approved this petition, Occidental will also need to obtain a permit from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to inject hazardous waste into this well.

A copy of Occidental’s petition application and supporting documentation, along with EPA’s Administrative Record, are maintained at the EPA Region 7 office. For further information, please contact Martin Kessler (see contact information above).
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