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EPA Proposes Permanent Remedy for Federal Superfund Site in Carlstadt; Agency Seeks Public Input on Cleanup Plan

Release Date: 08/20/2001
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(#01102) NEW YORK, N.Y. -- A cleanup plan proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a vacant 6-acre hazardous waste site on Paterson Plank Road in Carlstadt, New Jersey would permanently protect public health and the environment and allow the property to be reused for commercial purposes. The Scientific Chemical Processing (SCP) federal Superfund site once housed an industrial waste handling, treatment and disposal facility. The operations contaminated the sediments and waters of Peach Island Creek and on-site soil, sludge and local ground water with a mix of contaminants, including volatile organic chemicals, and PCBs. The state of New Jersey shut the site down in 1980. EPA's Proposed Plan calls for the treatment of an area of contaminated sludge on the site using air stripping, followed by solidification and stabilization of the treated material to prevent contaminants from leaching out of it. The plan builds on measures already taken to address threats from the site. EPA is taking public comments on its Proposed Plan and will hold a public meeting on August 23, 2001.

"We've made good progress in cleaning up this site," said William J. Muszynski, Acting EPA Regional Administrator. "The immediate threats have been removed and the remaining contamination is being effectively contained. Now, we are moving to improve and make the protections permanent."

In 1992, EPA covered portions of the site with a temporary plastic cover and surrounded it with an underground impermeable barrier to prevent contamination from spreading off the site. The plan proposed today would replace the existing cap with a multi-layered permanent cap. It also improves the current collection system for contaminated ground water by placing the collection pipes underground where they are less vulnerable to damage. In addition, a sheet metal cutoff wall installed between the impermeable barrier and the Peach Island Creek will be improved to protect and ensure the long-term integrity of the barrier. The Proposed Plan includes long-term monitoring to measure its continued effectiveness. The proposed remedial action would cost approximately $7.5 million, and construction of the remedy would take about one year to complete once designed.

EPA supervised the privately-financed interim action that included the removal of tanks and drums containing hazardous wastes, installation of a dewatering system and construction of the site cap and cutoff wall, which was completed under the terms of a Superfund enforcement order.

The Agency is also conducting an expanded investigation of ground water contamination related to the Superfund site. This contamination is not impacting any drinking water supplies in the area. EPA will use the results of this investigation to determine if any further action is necessary to treat contamination in the ground water.

EPA will hold a public meeting to discuss its proposed plan on August 23, 2001 at the Carlstadt Borough Hall, 500 Madison St., Carlstadt, NJ. The public comment period on EPA's plan ends September 15, 2001. The plan and site-related documents are available for public review at:

William E. Dermody Free Public Library
420 Hackensack St.
Carlstadt, NJ. 

Written comments can be submitted to:

Jon Gorin, Project Manager, U.S. EPA
290 Broadway, 19th floor
New York, New York 10007 

or by e-mailing