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EPA’s environmental enforcement helps keep water, land, air clean and clear in the Pacific Northwest

Release Date: 01/29/2013
Contact Information: Suzanne Skadowski, EPA Region 10 Communications, 206-553-6689,

(Seattle – January 29, 2013) During the final months of 2012, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10 took nearly 40 enforcement actions in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to protect communities and the environment.

“Enforcing environmental laws is one of EPA’s fundamental responsibilities and helps keep our water safe, our land clean, and our air clear,” said Ed Kowalski, director of EPA Region 10 Compliance and Enforcement. “Vigorous and fair enforcement provides the protection our communities expect and the certainty sought by business and industry.”

EPA enforcement helps deter violators who might otherwise gain an unfair business advantage over their competitors who are environmentally compliant. Penalties vary depending on the severity of the violations, how quickly violations are corrected, and if there is a history of past violations. Compliance Orders direct violators to bring their activities into compliance with the rules, but do not include penalties. In October, November and December, EPA Region 10 assessed more than $630,000 in federal penalties against the violators.

EPA Region 10 enforcement actions from October through December 2012 are summarized below.
AKKenai2-Go Mart Tesoro #206Violated underground storage tank (UST) rules$21010/09/2012
AKWasillaHoliday Stationstore #650Violated underground storage tank (UST) rules$42010/11/2012
AKFairbanksHoliday Stationstore #626Violated underground storage tank (UST) rules$21010/11/2012
AKAnchorageTed Stevens Anchorage AirportViolated underground storage tank (UST) rules$1,26010/11/2012
AKNorth Slope BoroughConoco Philips Alaska, Inc.Spilled oil at Kuparuk River field (CWA)$45,00010/17/2012
AKHealyGolden Valley Electric and Alaska Industrial DevelopmentViolated air permitting requirements at Healy power plant (CAA)$115,00011/19/2012
AKGlacier Bay NPPrincess Cruise LinesViolated wastewater discharge permit (CWA)$20,00012/17/2012
IDEmmettCity of EmmettViolated wastewater discharge permit (CWA)Compliance Order 10/9/2012
IDJeromeRite Stuff Foods, Inc.Violated risk management program (RMP) rules$2,00010/11/2012
IDCottonwoodValley Paving & Asphalt, Inc.Operated asphalt plant without air permit (FARR)$36,36010/15/2012
IDBoiseResidential Property ManagementViolated lead-based paint disclosure rules (TSCA)$6,80010/15/2012
IDDonnellyDavid CallisterFilled wetlands without permit (CWA)Compliance Order10/18/2012
IDGrand ViewBlack Sands Marina ResortViolated spill prevention, control and countermeasures (SPCC) rules$2,50010/24/2012
IDLenmoreBrad GrimmBurned debris outdoors without air permit (FARR)$30011/01/2012
IDBoiseHD Power SystemsViolated non-road engine rules (CAA)$24,00011/13/2012
IDInkomCity of InkomViolated wastewater discharge permit (CWA)$28,16011/26/2012
IDCaldwellCaldwell Housing AuthorityViolated wastewater discharge permit (CWA)Compliance Order11/27/2012
IDPierceCity of Pierce - Wastewater Treatment PlantViolated wastewater discharge permit (CWA)$4,80012/12/2012
IDPierceCity of Pierce - Water Treatment PlantViolated wastewater discharge permit (CWA)$2,10012/12/2012
IDRexburgMother Hibbard’s Co. StoreViolated underground storage tank (UST) rules$42012/18/2012
ORKlamath FallsFerrell’s Fuel NetworkViolated spill prevention, control and countermeasures (SPCC) rules$28,20011/09/2012
OREugeneDown to EarthImported unregistered pesticides (FIFRA)Compliance Order11/21/2012
WAOlympiaNisqually Automotive TowingViolated underground storage tank (UST) rules$49010/02/2012
WALongviewMint Valley Golf CourseViolated underground storage tank (UST) rules$21010/09/2012
WABellinghamLakeway ChevronViolated underground storage tank (UST) rules$21010/11/2012
WAFifeFife Sand & Gravel, LLCViolated underground storage tank (UST) rules$84010/11/2012
WAChehalisPacific Pride 2Violated underground storage tank (UST) rules$42010/22/2012
WAMoxeeOlympic Fruit Co.Violated risk management program (RMP) rules$33,96410/22/2012
WABellinghamKing Street ShellViolated underground storage tank (UST) rules$21010/29/2012
WATacomaGardner-Fields, Inc.Sold misbranded wood preservatives (FIFRA)$35,33611/06/2012
WAOlympiaU.S. GasViolated underground storage tank (UST) rules$84011/07/2012
WASeattleBriggs and Stratton Corp.Violated non-road engine regulations (CAA)$80,00011/13/2012
WAMoses LakeAmeriCold Moses Lake PlantViolated risk management program (RMP) rules$2,34011/20/2012
WAClallam BayWash. Dept. of CorrectionsViolated underground storage tank (UST) rules$1,26011/29/2012
WASeattleCertainTeed/Saint-GobainViolated toxics chemical release inventory reporting rules (EPCRA)$42,30012/05/2012
WASeattleGeneral Biodiesel, Inc.Violated hazardous chemical emergency planning rules (EPCRA)$62,98512/12/2012
WAYelmPark PlaceViolated underground storage tank (UST) rules$7012/12/2012
WAMoses LakeNational Frozen Foods Corp.Violated risk management program (RMP) rules$4,50012/17/2012
WAMarysvilleTotem Grocery & GasViolated underground storage tank (UST) rules$48,07812/28/2012

Environmental rules and regulations referenced in the case summaries above:

CAA – Clean Air Act
CWA – Clean Water Act
EPCRA – Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act
FARR – Federal Air Rules for Reservations
FIFRA – Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
RMP – Risk Management Plan
SPCC – Spill, Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures
TSCA – Toxic Substances Control Act
UST – Underground Storage Tank

More about EPA compliance and enforcement actions: