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Release Date: 03/09/1998
Contact Information: Alice Kaufman, EPA Press Office, (617) 918-1064

"EPA welcomes the release of the Connecticut Department of Public Health's Stratford Hazardous Waste Site Study. While it is always difficult to conclusively answer questions about the source of health problems for individuals living near hazardous waste sites, this comprehensive study provides important information for the people of Stratford. EPA activities in Stratford have been and will continue to be focused on addressing and reducing future health risks from Raymark waste sites. In 1993, EPA promised to cleanup the waste left behind by Raymark Industries, Inc. By 1995, 46 residential properties and the Wooster Junior High School were cleaned up and restored. Short Beach Park and Raybestos Memorial Baseball Field were covered with a protective cap. Last fall, EPA completed construction of the protective cap over the Raymark property, and toxic solvents underlying the cap are being removed from the groundwater and soil by pumping and through active gas collection. Our efforts to protect Stratford citizens have been quick and decisive, and I want to assure the public that cleanup will continue on schedule."

EPA has just finished collecting and analyzing environmental samples in the Ferry Creek area and this summer, EPA will propose a cleanup plan to the public for the Ferry Creek area and surrounding properties where Raymark's waste was historically disposed. In addition, EPA is currently in the process of investigating the groundwater contamination migrating from the Raymark property and will propose a cleanup plan, if necessary, in 1999.