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Release Date: 7/6/1995
Contact Information: Rich Varenchik, Cal-EPA, (818) 551-2875 Paula Bruin, U.S. EPA, (415) 744-1587

(San Francisco)--The California Environmental Protection
Agency (Cal/EPA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(U.S. EPA) announced a plan for cleaning up contaminated soil and
groundwater at Phibro-Tech Inc., Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

     "This action will significantly contribute to the
achievement of U.S. EPA's ultimate objective in this project:
protection of the health and environment of the citizens who live
in the vicinity of the facility," said Jeff Zelikson, director of
hazardous waste management for U.S. EPA's western regional
office.  "This decision was made after a careful investigation of
environmental problems at this site."

     "The plan deals with a wide range of environmental concerns
and will result in an effective management of the contamination
at this site," said Jesse R. Huff, director of Cal/EPA's
Department of Toxic Substances Control.

     The plan calls for Phibro-Tech to pump and treat groundwater
to remove contaminants, including cadmium, chromium and
trichloroethene.  Phibro-Tech will investigate and, if required,
clean up volatile contaminants in the soil.  The company also
will monitor soil and groundwater, cover any unpaved portions of
the site to prevent contact with contaminated soil, repair the
site cover, construct a berm around the perimeter of the
facility, and restrict property use to prevent any school or
residential developments in the future.

     Cal-EPA has incorporated these cleanup requirements into the
existing state hazardous waste facility permit through a permit
modification.  This site is regulated under the California
Hazardous Waste Control Law and the federal Resource Conservation
and Recovery Act (RCRA), which governs management of hazardous
waste.  DTSC is the authorized lead agency for implementation of

      Phibro-Tech, a division of CP Chemicals Inc., of New Jersey,
is located at 8851 Dice Road, Santa Fe Springs and occupies
approximately 4.8 acres in an industrial area of Los Angeles
County.  The facility produces a variety of inorganic chemicals
used in the aerospace and electronics industries.  The facility
also stores and treats off-site generated hazardous waste from
these industries.  A chemical manufacturing facility has been
operating at this site since 1957.

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