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U.S. EPA settles with Guam company for importing unlabeled pesticide

Release Date: 10/13/2004
Contact Information: Dean Higuchi, (808) 541-2711

SAN FRANCISCO - Quality Swimming Pools, Inc., of Tamuning, Guam, recently agreed to pay the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency $4,160 to settle alleged violations of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.

"Companies must make sure the proper labeling is attached to the products they import and sell," said Enrique Manzanilla, director of EPA's Cross Media Division. "Without proper labeling, the consumer will not know if the product has been registered with the EPA and have no information on the effects of the products, which could result in harm to the consumer and the environment."

The EPA cited the company for allegedly importing a misbranded pesticide. The company imported Superchlo, a swimming pool disinfectant, without attaching the EPA-approved labels to the product containers. The disinfectant, which is registered with the EPA, was manufactured in China.

In addition to the fines, the company has agreed to have the product properly re-labeled before selling or distributing it.

The civil complaint was based on an inspection conducted by the Guam Environmental Protection Agency.

Federal law requires that before selling or distributing a pesticide in the United States, companies must properly register and label the pesticide with the EPA. Pesticides that have been registered with the Agency will be labeled with an EPA registration number and information on the producer and name, brand or trademark under which the pesticide is sold. Also on the label will be directions for use and other information to provide consumers with the information they need to use the products safely.