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Compliance with environmental laws protects air, land, and water in communities across Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington

Release Date: 08/27/2014
Contact Information: Hanady Kader, EPA Public Affairs, 206-553-0454,

CONTACT: Hanady Kader, EPA Public Affairs, 206-553-0454,

(Seattle – August 27, 2014) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10, completed over 50 environmental compliance and enforcement actions in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington from April 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014.

Violations of environmental laws put public health and the environment at risk. EPA enforces federal environmental laws to protect communities and to keep the region’s air, land, and water healthy. These compliance and enforcement efforts also level the playing field by deterring violators who might otherwise have an unfair business advantage over environmentally compliant facilities and businesses.

From April 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014, EPA Region 10 completed the following environmental enforcement actions:

AKCHUGIAKSHOPPERS CACHEViolated underground storage tank rules (UST)$7006/27/2014
AKFORT WAINWRIGHTU.S. ARMY GARRISON FORT WAINWRIGHT (FF)Violated underground storage tank rules (UST)$158,67906/30/2014
AKNOMEALASKA GOLD COMPANYViolated hazardous waste management rules (RCRA)$72,00004/17/2014
IDCULDESACLARRY BOYER D/B/A LARRY BOYER LAND AND CATTLEViolated Outdoor burning rules. (CAA/FARR)$34904/23/2014
IDJEROMEIDAHO MILK PRODUCTS INCViolated wastewater pretreatment rules (CWA)$170,00004/23/2014
IDKOOSKIAKELLER TRANSPORT INCViolated spill prevention and control rules (CWA)$20,00006/30/2014
IDNEZ PERCEMCGREGOR COMPANYViolated pesticide rules (FIFRA)$24,72005/14/2014
IDNEZ PERCEPRIMELAND COOPERATIVESViolated pesticide rules (FIFRA)$64005/09/2014
IDNORDMANJACK BARRONViolated wetlands protection rules (CWA)Administrative Order on Consent 05/15/2014
IDPOCATELLOCITY OF POCATELLO POTWViolated risk management program requirements (RMP)$3,42004/23/2014
IDRIGBYIDAHO TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENTViolated asbestos rules (CAA)$55,80006/12/2014
ORALBANYABSORBENT TECHNOLOGIES (COST RECOVERY)Action to recover EPA’s cleanup costs (CERCLA)Administrative Compliance Order 06/19/2014
ORARLINGTONARLINGTON BULK PLANTViolated underground storage tank rules (UST)$42006/27/2014
ORBENDDESCHUTES CO. PUBLIC WORKSViolated underground storage tank rules (UST)$7005/16/2014
OREUGENECASCADE PLATING AND MACHINEViolated hazardous waste management rules (RCRA)$20,40005/14/2014
ORLA GRANDEOAK STREET SHELLViolated underground storage tank rules (UST)$42006/20/2014
ORMT. ANGELWILCO-WINFIELD, LLCViolated pesticide rules (FIFRA)$15,36006/05/2014
ORTERREBONNETERREBONNE CHEVRONViolated underground storage tank rules (UST)$42006/06/2014
ORWILSONVILLEALDIS MANUFACTURING LTD.Imported mislabeled pesticides (FIFRA)$4,30004/23/2014
WAAUBURNCOMPOSITE SOLUTIONSViolated chemical reporting rules (EPCRA)


WAKALAMAEMERALD KALAMA CHEMICAL LLCViolated EPA’s leak detection and repair regulations. (CAA)$18,34005/27/2014
WAMATTAWADT WAREHOUSE, LLCViolated chemical reporting rules (EPCRA)

WANORTHPORTSIERRA ZINC MINE SITERequired to analyze options for cleanup work and reimburse EPA for past and future costs. (CERCLA)Administrative Compliance Order

WAOMAKOMAK WOOD PRODUCTS, LLCViolated opacity and other requirements at plywood mill (CAA)Compliance Order on Consent 04/04/2014
WAPASCOFREEZE PACK, INC.Violated risk management program requirements (RMP)$1,20006/12/2014
WARICHLANDHANFORD US DOE AND CONTRACTOR PRCViolated asbestos rules (CAA)$131,59404/02/2014
WARICHLANDHANFORD US DOE AND CONTRACTOR WCHViolated asbestos rules (CAA)$44,00004/02/2014
WARICHLANDCITY OF RICHLAND WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITYViolated risk management program requirements (RMP)$6,1804/28/2014
WARICHLANDCITY OF RICHLAND WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITYViolated Washington State Industrial Stormwater General Permit (CWA)$6,18005/01/2014
WASEATTLEKVICHAK MARINE INDUSTRIES INC.Violated Washington State NPDES Industrial Stormwater General Permit (CWA)Administrative Compliance Order

WASEATTLEKVICHAK MARINE INDUSTRIES INC.Unauthorized discharge (CWA)$32,00005/23/2014
WASEATTLESAINT GOBAIN CONTAINERS INC (VERALLIA)Unauthorized discharge (CWA)$86,00004/24/2014
WASEATTLEINDEPENDENT PACKERS CORPORATIONUnauthorized discharge (CWA)$77,82505/23/2014
WASUMNERSPECIALIZED PAVEMENT MARKING, INC.Violated chemical reporting rules (EPCRA)$2,00004/23/2014
WATACOMATARGA SOUND TERMINALViolated risk management program requirements (RMP)$7,20004/30/2014
WATACOMABLAIR WATERWAY TBT SITE (REMOVAL INVESTIGATION)Required to investigate a chemical release into waterway and reimburse EPA’s cleanup costs. (CERCLA)Administrative Compliance Order

WATACOMAPOINT RUSTON WDNR SETTLEMENTCivil Judicial Action to perform cleanup work and reimburse EPA for past and future costs. (CERCLA)Judicial Consent Decree 06/24/2014
WAVANCOUVERVANCOUVER OIL - SPIRIT STATIONViolated underground storage tank rules (UST)$42005/27/2014
WAWAPATOWOLF DEN RESTAURANTViolated safe drinking water rules (SDWA)Administrative Compliance Order

WAWOODLANDWILSON OIL (PACIFIC PRIDE)Violated underground storage tank rules (UST)$42006/27/2014
WAWOODLANDWILSON OIL (WOODLAND CFN)Violated underground storage tank rules (UST)$42006/27/2014
WAYAKIMAAMERIGAS - TERRACE HEIGHTSViolated risk management program requirements (RMP)$12,96004/30/2014
WAYAKIMACONNELL OIL INCORPORATED, FREETH DISTRIBUTING COMPANYViolated spill prevention and control rules (CWA)$12,54206/20/2014

NC/ORGREENSBOROSYNGENTA CROP PROTECTION, LLCSold (and distributed) mislabeled pesticides (FIFRA)$50,10004/30/2014

More information about the environmental rules and regulations referenced in the above enforcement cases:

CAA – Clean Air Act
CERCLA – Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act
CWA – Clean Water Act
EPCRA – Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act
FARR – Federal Air Rules for Indian Reservations (FARR)
FIFRA – Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
PCBs – Polychlorinated Biphenyls (TSCA)
RCRA – Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
SDWA – Safe Drinking Water Act
SPCC – Spill, Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Rules (CWA)
UST – Underground Storage Tank (RCRA)
TSCA– Toxic Substances Control Act

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