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EPA Updates Engine Emissions Certification Fees

Release Date: 05/05/2004
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John Millett 202-564-7842 /

(05/05/04) EPA is updating the existing regulations for Motor Vehicle and Engine Compliance Program fees. These regulations, first put into place in 1992, require manufacturers to pay fees for the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) certification and compliance activities related to air pollution control in motor vehicles and engines. This rulemaking updates the existing fee structure for on-highway cars and trucks to reflect increased costs of implementing EPA's emissions standards. In addition, it creates a new fee structure for nonroad engine and equipment compliance programs established since 1992. The manufacturers are responsible for paying this fee before they apply to EPA to certify their vehicles and engines. The new fees program is estimated to generate $18 million annually which will recover the government’s costs and make EPA's mobile source compliance programs self-sustaining to the fullest extent possible. For further details, visit: .