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Six Pacific Northwest Facilities Accepted to EPA Performance Track Program

Release Date: 3/8/2005
Contact Information: Bill Glasser
(206) 553-1200

March 8, 2005

SEATTLE, Wash. – Six local Pacific Northwest facilities have been named members of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Environmental Performance Track program. Hewlett Packard-Corvallis (OR), Hewlett Packard-Boise (ID), Wallowa-Whitman National Forest (OR), and three Olympic National Park facilities: the Lake Crescent Lodge, Hurricane Ridge Lodge, and Fairholme Store & Marina (WA) join more than 300 U.S. facilities in their commitment to consistently exceed environmental requirements. Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is now the first National Forest to be accepted into Performance Track.

Launched in June 2000, Performance Track members are leading by example and taking extra steps to reduce and prevent pollution. The program recognizes top environmental performers and encourages both public and private organizations that voluntarily go beyond compliance with environmental regulations and publicly commit to specific environmental improvements over the next three years.

“Performance Track facilities represent a new generation of environmental leaders who have the vision to embrace the strategies that will protect the environment for generations to come,” said Dan Fiorino, director of EPA’s Performance Incentives Division.

Results show that participants have saved enough energy to power approximately 30,000 households for a year, reduced their use of hazardous materials by nearly 18,000 tons, and cut their solid waste by 176,000 tons.

EPA and state partner agencies reviewed the applications for sustained compliance with environmental regulations. The facilities qualified for the program through their past achievements, continuous commitment to environmental compliance, and implementation of strong Environmental Management Systems.

Over the next three years, the facilities have committed to specific beyond compliance environmental improvements, including the restoration of over 14,000 acres of watershed lands at Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, a 20 million gallon reduction in water use at Hewlett Packard-Boise, a 35% reduction in direct greenhouse gas emissions from fabrication operations at Hewlett Packard-Corvallis, and the elimination of 8.36 tons of solid waste generation by the three Olympic National Park facilities.

As part of Performance Track, the new Pacific Northwest facilities are eligible for numerous program benefits including EPA recognition, national and local networking opportunities, and regulatory and administrative incentives, which cut paperwork, increase flexibility, and help facilities focus on environmental improvement.

For more information about Performance Track, visit below or call 1-888-339-PTRK.

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