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Clean Diesel Retrofit Demonstration Project Underway in Beijing

Release Date: 11/10/2005
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Contact: John Millett, 202-564-4355 /

(Beijing, China-Nov. 10, 2005) Work began today on retrofitting 30 buses in Beijing with clean diesel technology, under a collaboration between EPA, China's State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and industry partners.

Last year, EPA and SEPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on an integrated set of clean fuels and vehicles projects. EPA committed to providing technical expertise and more than $200,000 toward diesel retrofit demonstrations.

The Southwest Research Institute will manage the Beijing bus retrofits, coordinating closely with EPA, the Chinese government, the bus company, and emissions control vendors. The institute, a Texas-based nonprofit specializing in technology transfer, is contributing matching funds to the project.

The retrofit project will demonstrate reductions in emissions of particulates and other pollutants, through the introduction of cleaner emissions control technologies and cleaner fuel. At least two technologies will be deployed, one that can reduce particulates by as much as 30 percent, and another that when used with low-sulfur fuel, can reduce particulates by more than 90 percent.

Fine particulate matter and other emissions from older diesel-powered trucks and buses contribute to air pollution in Beijing and throughout China and pose serious public health concerns. Environmental impacts of diesel exhaust emissions include its contribution to ozone formation and acid rain. Retrofits are a quick and cost-effective strategy for reducing emissions from existing diesel vehicles. In Beijing alone, close to 1,000 vehicles are added to the roads each day.

Officials from EPA, SEPA, and the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau held a ceremony in Beijing to mark the start of demonstration project.

As a member of the UN Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles, the United States has established similar collaborations in countries such as Chile, India, Thailand and Mexico.

Other projects planned between EPA and SEPA include a work-study program for Chinese officials at EPA's National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Mich., and compliance management demonstrations, including recall, on-board diagnostics, in-use testing, and certification.

More information on the Beijing diesel retrofit program is at: