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Stevensville, Md. Man Honored at White House

Release Date: 6/16/2003
Contact Information: Bonnie Smith, 215-814-5543

Bonnie Smith, 215-814-5543

PHILADELPHIA - At a White House ceremony on June 10, Stevensville resident Gregory Allen was awarded the prestigious Closing the Circle Award.

The award recognizes federal employees who demonstrate commitment to improving environmental performance and protecting resources at federal facilities. Allen, of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Science Center at Ft. Meade, Maryland, was recognized for developing an environmental management system at the center and assisting other federal agencies to do the same.

“Greg’s commitment to improving the Environmental Science Center’s environmental performance through a comprehensive management system is a tremendous accomplishment that exemplifies his commitment to environmental protection,” said Donald S. Welsh, EPA’s mid-Atlantic regional administrator.

As a result of Allen’s leadership, the Environmental Science Center at Ft. Meade became the first EPA facility, and one of only 25 federal facilities, registered as ISO 14001 – the international standard for an environmental management system. In addition, he co-produced a series of training tools, incorporating examples and lessons-learned in developing the center’s environmental management system, which are being used by other agencies to help implement their systems.

An environmental management system makes environmental care an integral part of everyone’s job. It takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of running a facility and makes choices to reduce negative and improve positive environmental impacts. It goes beyond compliance, and looks at improving all aspects of the organization including water use, waste generation and chemical use. It is the highest certification possible for environmental and health safety management.

Under the environmental management system, the center is expected to get a significant return on its investment in pollution prevention, cost savings and creative environmental management practices. To learn more, see EPA’s website