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Virginia gets $4.5 million EPA grant to fight storm water runoff

Release Date: 7/28/2003
Contact Information: Roy Seneca 215-814-5567

Contact: Roy Seneca (215) 814-5567
Virginia gets $4.5 million EPA grant to fight storm water runoff

PHILADELPHIA - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $4.58 million grant to help control pollution from storm water runoff throughout Virginia.

The EPA grant, which goes to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, will be combined with $3 million in state funds to support Virginia’s non-point source water pollution control program.

“EPA is pleased to be a partner in Virginia’s aggressive approach to cleaning up waterways that have been impaired by storm water related runoff. The projects supported by this funding are vital to protect and improve water quality for drinking water, recreational activities and to preserve the natural habitat, ” said Donald S. Welsh, regional administrator for EPA’s mid-Atlantic region.

Non-point source pollution is caused by rainfall or snowmelt moving over or through the ground and carrying natural and human-made pollutants into lakes, streams, rivers and other water bodies. In Virginia, the major source of non-point source pollution is from agricultural activities. Some of the projects supported with the funding include:

• Implementing agricultural best management practices to reduce animal waste entering nearby water bodies.

• Planning and implementing specific watershed-based plans – known as total maximum daily loads or TMDLs – that are designed to control the discharge of specific pollutants into specific waterways.

• Developing comprehensive storm water plans that municipalities can use to control storm water runoff in their communities.