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EPA donates computers to Academy of Dover Charter School

Release Date: 9/22/2003
Contact Information: Bonnie Smith, (215) 814-5543

Bonnie Smith, (215) 814-5543

DOVER, Del. -- The Environmental Protection Agency has donated 10 computers to the Academy of Dover Charter School that will be used in their integrated technology curriculum.

The computers, formerly used by EPA employees, will be used to teach students science and technology concepts to help them learn more about the environment.

“We are very proud that we can provide computers to support the school’s integrated technology curriculum. It is inspiring that EPA computers are being used to enhance environmental education and environmental decision making,” said Donald S. Welsh, regional administrator for EPA’s mid-Atlantic region.

The computer donation supports EPA’s recycling program. Many electronic products such as computers contain the toxic materials lead, cadmium and mercury. Donating or recycling outdated electronics encourages the safe management of potentially hazardous components found in computers and other electronics and keeps them out of our landfills. Donating can also put a computer, television, or cell phone in the hands of someone who really needs it and will use it.

For more information on EPA’s electronics recycling program, please visit

EPA has donated used computers directly to municipalities, schools and non-profit organizations since 1996.