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U.S. EPA fines Pomona, Calif. auto dismantler $15,000 for stormwater violations

Release Date: 9/2/2005
Contact Information: Francisco Arcaute, (213) 244-1815

      LOS ANGELES - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has fined C&T Auto Wrecking $15,000 for the discharge of contaminated storm water into storm drains which flow to a nearby creek, a violation of the nation's Clean Water Act.

   C&T Auto Wrecking, an automobile salvage and dismantling facility, is located  at 121 S. Hamilton Blvd., Pomona, Calif.

    State and federal law requires companies to prepare a storm water pollution plan to prevent discharge of  storm water - frequently contaminated by oil, gasoline, antifreeze or other harmful chemicals present on company grounds - to storm drains, and the coastline.

    "After much delay, this facility has made onsite improvements towards compliance with state and federal storm water requirements," said Alexis Strauss director of the Water Division of the pacific southwest region of EPA. "We will continue to work with state and local authorities to increase compliance with storm water requirements to protect our Region's rivers and beaches."

   "Today's action underscores the importance of following clean water regulations," noted Susan Cloke, Chair of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board.  "Water is a scarce resource in Southern California. We all share the responsibility to use it wisely and protect it from contamination."

   In late 2001 , the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board determined that C&T Auto Wrecking was not complying with stormwater regulations.  Although two notices of violations were issued in 2002, C&T Auto Wrecking failed to respond adequately.

    The EPA then cited C&T Auto Wrecking for similar violations and issued an administrative order for discharges that flow to a storm drain that reaches the San Jose Creek, a tributary of the San Gabriel River.  Despite ample time for C&T to make improvements and reach compliance, EPA inspectors determined that in late 2003 C&T continued to be out of compliance with its storm water permit.

   C&T Auto Wrecking has since made improvements at the site, such as installing a roof cover.  

   The investigation against C&T Auto Wrecking was a joint effort among the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, the City of Pomona, Calif., and the US EPA, who are working together to keep our local rivers and oceans free from pollution.

   For more information on the EPA's Water Programs, please visit:

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