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EPA, DNREC Restart Separation Project at Metachem

Release Date: 5/12/2004
Contact Information: David Sternberg, (215) 814-5548

David Sternberg, (215) 814-5548

DELAWARE CITY, Del. - The EPA/DNREC cleanup team at the Metachem site today restarted the chlorinated benzene removal and separation project (CR/SP). The project separates chlorinated benzene mixtures into liquid and solid portions for easier management, storage and disposal.

This project was operated successfully from July through October 2003, but was shut down for the winter. Although more than 70 percent of the material was separated last year, approximately 650,000 gallons of mixed chlorinated benzene materials remain. The separation uses a limited part of Metachem’s distillation capacity.

EPA estimates that the process will be able to solidify more than 50 percent of the material, thereby reducing the potential for a spill.

The materials with higher boiling points, including tetracholrobenzene materials, which contain PCBs and other contaminants, will be poured into high-density plastic containers, or totes, where they will solidify. More than 2500 totes of this material were generated last year. The material inside the totes is solid and has not leaked. EPA estimates approximately 2000 more totes will be generated when the project resumes.

The CR/SP is expected to run for 40 days.