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U.S. EPA orders L.A.-area auto recycler to comply with local and federal stormwater regulations

Release Date: 10/15/2003
Contact Information: Mark Merchant, (415) 947-4297

LOS ANGELES -- In support of the local regional water quality control board, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today announced it has issued an order to an auto recycler in South El Monte for violating federal and state clean water regulations.

The EPA has ordered the company to comply with the federal Clean Water Act, as well as a clean up and pollution abatement order already issued by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Rosemead Auto Recycler, which is located on Rosemead Boulevard, was inspected by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board on Aug. 12. Inspectors found that the company, which has a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit for stormwater discharges issued by the board, was violating its permit.

Under its permit, the company is allowed to discharge storm water runoff associated with its industrial activities into the Rio Hondo Channel, a tributary to the Los Angeles River, but can do so only if it meets certain permit requirements.

"The Clean Water Act also regulates storm water runoff from industrial sources, which is the biggest cause of water pollution in the greater Los Angeles area," said Alexis Strauss, director of the EPA's Water Division in the Pacific Southwest. "Complying with storm water permit requirements by companies large and small is necessary to improve water quality in the Los Angeles area and are certainly nothing to ignore."

Inspectors found that Rosemead, among other violations had an incomplete storm water pollution prevention plan and monitoring plan; had not implemented best management practices for storage of hazardous waste engines, transmissions, batteries and miscellaneous auto parts required by its storm water pollution prevention plan; and had not cleaned up oil contamination from its property.

The EPA is ordering Rosemead to comply with its NPDES permit requirements immediately or face penalties of as much as $27,500 a day.

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