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Release Date: 3/9/1999
Contact Information: Bonnie Lomax (215) 814-5542

PHILADELPHIA - People looking for help in planning their community’s future can find it by taking a ride on the information superhighway, exiting at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Community Assistance Kit (

The internet-based Green Communities Assistance Kit, first introduced in 1997, by EPA’s  Philadelphia regional office, provides a systematic method for analyzing your community, planning its future  and taking action.  The recently upgraded site now links to more than 600 other sites, providing a wealth of information on environmental, economic, and social issues.  

The kit guides communities through a five-step process by asking the following questions:  

1 - Where are we now?  (community assessment)
2 - Where are we going?  (trends analysis)
3 - Where do we want to be? (visioning)
4 - How do we get there?  (developing an action plan)
5 - Let’s Go (implementation)    

Communities that complete steps one through four and begin implementing changes can apply to be designated as a "Green Community."  The City of York, Pa. and Union County, Pa. have received this designation.  

For additional information contact Susan McDowell,  at 215-814-2739 or e-mail at  

  Whether the community issue is sprawl, an abandoned chemical site, quality of life,  or economic vitality, the answer could be on EPA’s Green Community Assistance Kit.  Check it out.