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Arizona's Green Projects During the First 200 Days of the Recovery Act

Release Date: 09/03/2009
Contact Information: Margot Perez-Sullivan, 4159.947.4149,

SAN FRANCISCO – On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act). EPA manages over $7 billion in projects and programs that will invest in environmental protection and provide long-term economic benefits to aide recovery efforts across the nation. EPA has obligated over $88 million in Recovery Act Funds to Arizona, including:

    The City of Phoenix will receive $829,697 million to reduce diesel emissions by retrofitting and replacing city-owned equipment. The City will retrofit 45 pieces of equipment with diesel particulate filters or diesel oxidation catalysts, and replace an aging garbage hauler. The retro-fitted vehicles will run on ultra-low sulfur diesel.
    Arizona will receive Recovery funding for brownfields projects to help revitalize abandoned and contaminated properties and return them to productive reuse.
        o The City of Flagstaff is receiving $126,900 for work at the Route 66 Creosote Pit Cleanup and Redevelopment project
        o South Tucson is receiving $400,000 to conduct site assessments at properties with potential contamination.
    To support sustainable water and energy-efficient drinking water and wastewater systems, the Arizona Clean Water State Revolving Fund program will receive $26.4 million, the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund program will receive $55.3 million and $267,400 in Recovery Act funds for Water Quality Management Planning (WQMP) in Arizona has been awarded.
    A cooperative agreement with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality will be used to distribute over $3,219,000 for assessment and cleanup of underground storage tank leaks.
    The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality will receive $1.73 million in Recovery funds to support clean diesel projects and loan programs.

Several Arizona Tribes will receive Recovery funds to improve access to water services.
    Hualapai Tribe will use $260,400 to upgrade its drinking water system
    The Hopi Tribe will use $1,353,530 for wastewater and drinking water projects
    San Carlos Apache Tribe will use $1,140,000 to improve drinking water systems
    White Mountain Apache Tribe will undertake three projects improving wastewater and drinking water systems using $2,321,150
    Yavapai-Apache Nation will use $321,900 to improve arsenic treatment for its drinking water system
    Tohono O’odham Nation will use $1,929,010 for five water projects
    Ak-Chin Indian Community will use $615,770 to improve wastewater treatment
    Quechan Tribe will use $340,630 to upgrade sewer lines
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