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Release Date: 10/16/2000
Contact Information: Wendy L. Chavez, U.S. EPA, 415.744.1588

     Company Will Pursue Two Projects To Improve Handling Of Contaminated Solvents

     SAN FRANCISCO    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced an enforcement action against MasterCraft Cabinets, Inc. of Mesa, Ariz. for hazardous waste violations requiring that the company pay a $18,171 penalty and contribute $37,654 toward two environmental  projects.

     As part of the environmental projects, MasterCraft will build a better containment area for its hazardous waste, to prevent spills from migrating.  The company will also try using different paint finishes to reduce the amount of hazardous waste and air pollutants from its operations.      

     "The EPA always encourages corporations to give something back to the community when settling these cases," said Jeff Scott, acting director of the EPA's Waste Division for the Pacific Southwest.  "At the same time, the EPA is sending a message to other facilities that we're serious about  policing companies who handle hazardous waste."

     When EPA officials first inspected the facility at 305 South Brooks Circle on July 2, 1999, they discovered several violations, including storage of hazardous waste without a permit, failure to maintain an inspection log, and failure to have a complete contingency plan as required under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.  

      MasterCraft generates large quantities of contaminated solvents through the manufacturing of kitchen cabinets.