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Release Date: 4/22/1999
Contact Information: Leo Kay, U.S. EPA, (415)744-2201

SAN FRANCISCO -- During an Earth Day ceremony in San Francisco today, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator Felicia Marcus presented plaques to two Hawaii organizations and individuals in recognition of their efforts to protect and preserve the environment in 1998.

"Today's honorees have applied creativity, teamwork and leadership in addressing many of Hawaii's most pressing and complex environmental problems," Marcus said.  "Thanks to the efforts of these individuals, our air, water and land will be cleaner and safer for generations to come.  The winners -- in fact all of the nominees -- set an example for all of us to follow."

The EPA Region 9 Earth Day Celebration acknowledges demonstrated commitment and significant contributions to the environment in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and tribal lands.  Thirty six groups and individuals were selected from more than 100 nominees received this year from businesses, media, local and state government officials, tribes, environmental organizations, and citizen activists.
The Hawaii winners and basis for recognition are:

Environmental, community or Non-Profit Organization

Ala Wai Watershed Improvement Project (Oahu) Government, business and local community associations are working together to enhance the environmental and cultural quality of the Ala Wai Watershed, which includes Honolulu's most densely populated areas.  The innovative Project will improve water quality by combining modern technology with the ancient Hawaiian system of land division from the uplands to the sea -- the ahupua's concept.  The Project will serve as a model for watershed improvement projects in Hawaii and other islands, and also for unprecedented incorporation of cultural and historical practices.

Lisa Tsai-Yen Chen (Brigham Young University) Chen developed the Campus Environmental Group in 1997 to promote recycling at BYU by educating, motivating and providing leadership to students and faculty to create a cleaner campus environment.  Last year, she led efforts for a textbook donation drive that collected over 2,800 textbooks, earning enough  money to buy the campus six aluminum can crushers.   Chen submitted several environmental articles to newspapers, and presented a project "Recycling: Our Garbage Solution" to more than 500 delegates at a national collegiate conference.
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